Andrew Oberstar

6.5 Languages in 12 Days

March 20, 2012

I'm all done with the 7 Languages in 7 Weeks book. Overall, I was very happy with it and recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their programming horizons.

This book had a very different style from other programming books I've read. Rather than explain everything I needed to understand the language (and the exercises), the author cut narrow but deep slices through the language to pick out some interesting concepts. With a book trying to show me 7 programming languages, there's nowhere near enough room to explain everything. The big benefit of that is I got to do some non-trivial examples very quickly. But since I didn't have a firm foundation in each language, I very easily tripped myself up.

The concept is supposed ot be that you spend a week on each language. Each language is divided into 3 days, since the author doesn't expect you to spend all of your time on this. But most of the days were pretty short. The 3rd day generally took a few hours of work, but it still didn't amount to much. It also seems like there was an expectation that you would read the day's chapter and then look up more information online. I did look things up while doing the exercises, but it's hard to just browse the internet for language resources when you don't really have something to work on. The end result was that I kind of rushed through the chapters and probably didn't let as much of the language absorb as I could have.

I was very glad to get these introductions to some very different languages. I think I found a few languages that I really want to use some more. The languages that I'm not very interested in gave me some new perspectives on problems that I'll appreciate even without diving deeper into the languages.

The languages that I would actually use:

The languages I probably won't touch again:

Even if you don't buy this book, I do recommend looking into languages different than the ony you spend most of your time with. Seeing that different perspective can really help a lot even in your home language.

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