Andrew Oberstar

Abolish Daylight Savings Time

November 4, 2011

I don't have anything particularly interesting to say about this, but I just saw this blog post in my Google Reader. Not my favorite article on the stupidity of Daylight Savings Time, but it'll do.

I also read this article from the Washington Post earlier this week, which called for us to move to double Daylight Savings Time. And this is potentially year round... Up here, that means in the depths of winter it would be about 10:00 in the morning before the sun rose. But, yes, it's very important that your get your extra hour of daylight at night time. Because American's spend so much time outside as it is... Maybe your real issue is that you can't figure out how to wake up an hour earlier.

I'm all for going back to standard time, all the time, the way nature intended.

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