Andrew Oberstar

Letter to My Representiatives

July 23, 2011

Below is the letter I just sent to my representatives. Please send one to yours, regardless of your opinion.

Senators Franken and Klobuchar and Representative McCollum,

This is the first time I've personally written my representatives. This debt ceiling issue is absurd. I've heard many politicians say what "the American people" want. Yet many still act like what we really want is them to get re-elected. Regardless of your qualifications, you are elected to represent us and make a difference. NOT to act solely to be re-elected so you can make a difference tomorrow.

I urge you to be fair and levelheaded on the issue of the deficit and the debt ceiling. Please work with your colleagues to raise (or abolish) the debt ceiling and to work towards a balanced budget that will reduce our deficit.

It is time to put your party lines aside and do something that makes sense. Make significant cuts and increase revenue (raise some taxes).

Please act before the debt limit costs us more than a compromise would.

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